Founded in New Delhi in 2016. BirdWalk captures the understated elegance and feminine charm in timeless yet wearable couture. The name is our philosophy. Our lady is a dreamer who realizes her dreams. Her imagination soars high while her feet stride the ground. Drawing inspiration from the free-spirited zeitgeists of 1920s to 1960s America and Europe, Amrapali crafts her dresses to embody the earnest beauty and fairytale-like charm of those heydays.

Working with a limited palette, she creates classic, minimalist, hand-embroidered and hand-painted designs, with an emphasis on fabric manipulation and lush natural materials.

“I thrive on art, nature and dance. The vision and exquisite craftsmanship that goes into creating timeless works of art inspires and drives my work. Spending time with nature is also very important for replenishing my connection to the creative spirit. Dance has also been an integral part of my life - I trained in classical dance for nearly a decade. However, I am moved by the skill, grace and beauty of all dance forms. And I have a sentimental leaning to bygone eras for their earnest and graceful aesthetics.”

Amrapali Singh started her own enterprise after graduating in Fashion Design from National Insititute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi, India. where she won the "Best Design Collection Award" in 2003. To further her skills, in 2010 she obtained a Masters in Fashion Design from Instituto Marangoni, Milan, Italy. With a keen desire to bring sustainability to her work, in 2012 Amrapali participated in The Green Fashion Competition, Amsterdam Fashion Week.

With BirdWalk, Amrapali brings her eclectic experiences, skills and passions together in a unique line of modern, wearable and sustainable couture.

I thrive on art, nature and dance. The vision, exquisite craftsmanship and skill that go into creating timeless works of art inspire me deeply.